Prior to the review of our offer, in short order you would like to present and give some information about the services and the Agency.   Real estate agency - company "VLA-GOR" doo has since its foundation in 1993, headquartered in Zagreb, Božidarevićeva 7, in the area of ​​municipal administration Maksimir, between Maksimir and Petrova street, and office in Biograd.  


The Agency is the only and exclusive real estate agency which includes intellectual services and advice related to real estate, and at the request of the parties organizing and managing sales practices.  


Geographically - territorial area where the activity takes place Agency "Vla-Gor" doo is primarily Zagreb and immediate surroundings, and the area of ​​Biograd to Zadar and Sibenik.  


Owner Agency is lawyer with extensive experience in the field of real estate, and colleagues at the completion of a professional and the Workbook entered the exam for the title of Agent real estate transactions. Developed an extraordinary collaboration with architects, surveyors, experts and lawyers and other agencies   I turnover of properties, is essentially, a legal transaction of buying and selling.  


The activities of our Agency, most of the attention within the legal flaws, is targeted specifically to the legal segment, legal analysis and legal security of the parties in real estate transactions.  


All the items immediately upon receipt of control in the land registry, cadastre and other institutions, and where applicable the clients usmjeravju the timely and correct provision of the necessary documents, contracts, annexes, delete the registered mortgage statements and other actions necessary for the valid registration of property rights in the land registry, cadastral and other public documents.   The activity is done for natural and legal persons.


VLA-GOR d.o.o.

Božidareviceva 7
10000 Zagreb

GSM: 098 515 520
GSM: 091 5039 824
Tel/Fax: 01 2310 148
Mail: info@vla-gor.hr